Market Summaries

2020 industry forecast trends new year
What does the next year of awards and personalized products look like? Get on top of trends before the start of the new year.
Unisub Valentines day Galentines sublimation webinar January 2020
Learn about the Valentine’s Day market during the webinar on January 7.
PNCA toys for tots schoolbus toy drive
Twenty-five PCNA employees, including Polyconcept CEO Neil Ringel, delivered more than 1,000 toys on 13 pallets during the 96.1 KISS FM Stuff-A-Bus event.
Steve Gluskin Mutoh America director of marketing business development
Steve Gluskin will be focused on developing new business growth opportunities throughout North America.
LogoJET Bogota Columbia uv printing South America Daniel tobon
Responding to growth in the South American market, LogoJET opened a new office in Bogota, Columbia.
Laguna Tools acquisition metalworking company Dake corp.
“The acquisition of Dake Corp. will build upon Laguna’s presence and market share in the metalworking space,” says Laguna’s CEO, Stephen Stoppenbrink.
Irving Convention Center THE NBM SHOW 2020 March Texas
Registration is now open for the Irving, Texas show on March 12-14. 
marking systems fume extraction Radian Laser PAT Technology filtrabox
After testing a PAT Technology fume extractor with a Radian laser, the partnership was formed.
OrderMyGear Live Inventory feed partnerships online shopping ordering inventory apparel garment sports
OrderMyGear launches Live Inventory, a feed built from partnerships with various brands within the industry.
Johnny O's Awards trophy business North Carolina family shop
Johnny Owen reminisces on how it was when it all began.