Maintaining a High-Quality Status

Company Spotlight

Working with Topmost is more than just ordering glass and crystal, according to its mission statement. It’s about building a relationship and working with a company that will treat you like family. Since opening its doors 25 years ago, Topmost has made it it’s mission to build a valuable partnership with its customers through teamwork, providing quality service, and maintaining reasonable prices, says Mayra Barboza, marketing coordinator.

“Topmost’s major goals include maintaining our status as a leader in the awards and recognition industry by our continuous use of high-grade materials to produce prime crystal pieces,” states Barboza. “We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.”

The company is able to provide such high-quality service through its team of 15-20 employees, some of which have been with Topmost for 20+ years. “Most of our staff has been with Topmost for many years and they are very knowledgeable not only about our products but also our customers,” Barboza states. She adds that their duties sometimes extend beyond the day-to-day tasks. “Oftentimes, that means placing and packing orders that come in after our cut-off times to make sure they get shipped that same day. Same-day shipping is also made possible due to our fully stocked warehouse.”

In order to accomplish such tasks, it’s essential that the company practice teamwork, communication and empathy. “Teamwork and communication go hand-in-hand at Topmost. Empathy is important in our business because our customers rely heavily on us to provide outstanding products in a timely manner in order for them to meet their deadlines,” says Barboza of the company culture.

Along with a culture that promotes teamwork, communication and empathy, Barboza adds that Topmost’s products are among the highest quality. “Aside from our exclusive series of Elite awards that are only available at Topmost, we have also partnered with crystal factories in European countries to design and bring in high-end traditional hand-cut crystal products that are unique to our industry,” she says. “We have no order minimum or case quantity requirements, which gives (our customers) the freedom to order exactly what they need.”

This kind of approach has left many customers happy with Topmost. “Partnering with Topmost has helped our business exemplify those key qualities with our customers,” notes Michael Nelson of Coast Awards. He adds that the products and services provided by Topmost enable his business to exceed expectations with his customers.

Ingrid Jonsson of Dog Art Studio states that she has been a customer of Topmost’s for nearly 20 years. She feels that she has always been a part of the Topmost family and will continue to keep the company at the top of the list of excellent sellers.

Topmost returns the sentiments felt by its customers. “Our customers are the best! They are very friendly and easy to work with,” Barboza feels. She adds that like Jonsson, many of its customers have been with the company for many years, some almost as long as it has been in business. “We try to offer them as much as possible: high-quality, reasonable prices, a variety of products, plenty of stock, great customer service, and numerous marketing tools.”

At the end of the day, Topmost will continue this business model that has worked for 25 years. “We will continue to supply our customers with the tools they need to succeed,” Barboza finishes. “We strive to be the supplier of choice for crystal and glass awards/recognition products, gifts, and trophies by supplying materials of high quality with friendly and efficient service that customers can rely upon.”