Why is crystal a popular substrate for decoration?


Crystal’s versatility is unmatched, with the capacity to take on almost any design imaginable through various production methods such as hand-carving or molding. The color options are endless as well. In the last few years, colored crystal has gained popularity among those looking for something a little less traditional and with a little more personality. Another trend growing in popularity is a touch of metallic coating on the crystal’s surface. This adds a look similar to metal, but much subtler and also adds a touch of interest. On the other hand, purists agree that colorless crystal takes full advantage of the clarity of the material and should be utilized as much.

Regardless of where you stand on color, because of the level of quality and versatility, crystal products will always be popular; elegance never goes out of style. The good news is the cost of crystal has plateaued in recent years, so more may find it within their budgets.

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