When lasering odd-shaped items for the home, what should decorators keep in mind?


Always think about how to focus on an object, how to keep it stable while engraving, and scalability of design for small engraving areas.

As for rolling pins, if handles fit onto a rotary attachment, the cylinder will probably not roll with them. If the cylinder is engraved, it can leave a reverse imprint on dough, and the engraved area could get clogged with dough. For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend engraving rolling pins, unless it is limited to handles, which will probably have to be stationary in laser to prevent laser parts from hitting the cylinder.

Ceramic and metal mugs laser well, but if they have handles, they must clear laser and rotary attachment parts, so the laser area may not be as large as you'd like. Wheels near the rotary motor can be removed if needed. Again, some can be stationary in lasers, depending on your design.

—Wendy Bergan, JDS Industries