What tools do I need to market personalized items?


  1. A website is one of the most important ways to market anything nowadays. With website access literally in the palms of just about everyone, the internet is the quickest way to find everything and is the best tool for advertising. If you have the best staff to help, it’s good to keep your website fresh by altering the banner or adding new items to your home page often. This keeps people coming back to see what new product is being offered. 
  2. Utilize email. Have customers sign up to receive emails so they are always informed on new products, sales, etc. Send emails to remind your customers of holidays or important events in your area, such as graduation or large sporting events. Plus, email is free and it is instantaneous. 
  3. Take advantage of other companies’ free marketing tools. These can be easily linked to your website. You don’t always have to stock everything that you show, but putting it out there helps generate more interest in your business, even if you don’t always have it or specialize in it. 
  4. Use printed materials such as retail catalogs. Each catalog shows completed items so your customer can get an idea of what the finished product will look like. 
  5. Does your store name limit you? To branch out, you may need to rebrand a bit. If you are only known for trophies, and changing or adding to your name is not an option, send out fliers and emails to show how you have expanded. 
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