What strategies help position new personalized gifts in the showroom?


  • Set up a display in your front window. Sometimes one single item can catch the eye of a customer that can set off a storm of purchases.
  • Locate new and interesting merchandise between the front door and the cash register. That way, your customer has to walk by it in order to pay — this makes them hesitate and look a bit more.
  • Try to make a smooth transition from one type of item to the next. For example, don’t place a medal display next to a plaque display. These two items rarely cross the same market; however, business card holders are a great item and could easily progress into plaques for corporate giveaways and awards.
  • Put items right by the cash register or in other high-traffic areas for impulse buys. Have items out that customers can touch, pick up, and feel. Some items can never fully be appreciated with just a picture or if they are inside a glass display.

—Brenna Walsh, JDS Industries