What is the standard size and thickness of engraving plastic sheet?


The standard sheet sizes we use in the industry for plastic sheet are based on the size of the extrusion presses and other manufacturing equipment. A full sheet size is the largest available and is typically 24” by 48”. Breaking down the full sheet is usually done using a large shear and can be done by the manufacturer or local distributor.

Using simple math, a standard half sheet size is 24” by 24”, and a quarter sheet size is 12” by 24”. Many laser systems have a standard bed size of 12” by 24”, so a quarter sheet of plastic fits perfectly.

The gauge or thickness of the engraving plastic sheet is another important specification. Plastic sheet manufacturers have developed a wide range of available thicknesses for every application imaginable. Thin and flexible to thick and rigid thicknesses of engraving plastic sheet are available. With over 10 different thicknesses available for some color combinations of plastic engraving sheet, most engraving shops keep four different thicknesses on hand to handle the typical engraving jobs.