What’s the best way to monitor online reviews of my business?


Once your business has gained solid reviews online, it’s important to monitor them. Manually checking reviews on a regular basis is a chore few of us can fit into our regular schedules. For that reason, try using Google Alerts. This service allows users to create an unlimited number of phrases for Google to monitor with email notifications.
For example, when I launched my dart shirts website, I created alerts for “MyDartShirts.com” and “My Dart Shirts.” Throughout the years, Google has sent me an email whenever those phrases were discovered––along with a convenient link to the page where the phrase was posted. Every time my website is mentioned on a blog, in the news, in public forums, and in online reviews, Google allows me to monitor my online business reputation with little effort.
Larger companies may prefer a paid service, which can also provide more tools for managing online reviews. ReviewPush monitors several review sites daily for new reviews, including Google, Yelp!, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo! and more. The service includes email alerts, response options, multiple store locations, and review request features to increase the number of reviews.

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