What are some ways to get more solid online reviews?


If your competitors have more reviews than you, they will eventually outrank you on local search terms. Unfortunately, many people won’t take the time to critique unless they’ve had a negative experience. Rather than waiting for reviews to appear, reach out for positive feedback. This can be done by several different means.
Contact your friends and family. We’ve all worked for people who are close to us, and there’s nothing wrong with asking them to leave you a nice review. Spread the love across several sites for maximum exposure.
Use your email signature as it already informs customers and business partners with contact details. Add links to review sites to earn some honest kudos from those who already do business with you.
When sending newsletters and promotional blasts to customers, directly request feedback and provide the links. Likewise, a “Click Here to Read Our Reviews” call to action can get a potential customer to consider a purchase.
There’s no better time to get a good review than the moment you’ve satisfied a new customer. When following up or fielding a happy thank-you call, mention that the best thanks is a post to share the experience with others.
Most review sites monitor the pace that reviews are submitted in order to filter false posts. Too many reviews within a small period of time could result in a penalty. Reach out for reviews once or twice a month to gather them steadily throughout the year.

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