What are some tips for selling to corporate America?


If you are new to selling to corporate America, here are some things that you need to know.

The purchasing department will issue a purchase order to your company. Therefore, a good first point of contact is the purchasing department. Get your company’s name listed on their approval vendor list. When an employee comes to purchase and request an award of any kind, the purchasing department will look into their database for approved vendors. Get your name on that list! 

Become an approved vendor of any large corporation that is in your business area. Once you are in contact with the purchasing department, ask them for information about their awards and recognition programs. Ask your purchasing connection who in their company is responsible for awards and recognition programs. There will be one key contact. You need to meet with this key contact. There could be Sales Achievement awards, Supplier of the Year awards, Customer Loyalty awards, Years of Service awards, charity golf events, etc. Your key contact will be able to direct you to any other decision makes in his/her corporation.