What are the capabilities and limitations of the Drop Shadow feature in CorelDRAW?


The Drop Shadow feature is a dynamic effect that offers a lot of capabilities, yet there are some limitations. Suppose I want a cut-line around the shadow image. It would create a rectangular line around the shadow rectangle, but not closely around the lettering shadow. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

An alternate solution is to create a contour and use the Blend feature for the shadow. Figure 2 shows this image: first a contour around the lettering, broken apart and filled with 70% black, duplicated and sent back one and filled with white, then nudged equally down and to the right. These two are blended together. Create Boundary follows the contour of my shadow for a more realistic result. 

Figure 2

In this instance, I first chose the Smart Fill tool and clicked the vacant area right of the “C” to include it, then combined it with the boundary object. Once finished, I chose the cut-line and diminished nodes with the Shape tool. In both figures, the cut-line is indicated by the orange outline.

A&E Corel columnist