What are the benefits of building a website on WordPress?


What started as a blogging software has come a long way over the years. WordPress is now used by millions of businesses around the world to build websites. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that works just like a word processor. The program is free and can easily be installed on a web server that meets system requirements. It is database-driven, enabling any information and web pages to be backed up or even used elsewhere if needed.

Maintenance features include the ability to add users with individual and unique logins, and the scope of the access for these can be controlled. For example, if there is a page on the website where customers can check the status of an order, a login could be assigned to the production manager to maintain that page and keep it current. 

WordPress additionally has an easy-to-use upload feature for including pictures and/or document downloads to offer site visitors. And of course, it comes with a blog with RSS feeds to easily stay connected and keep your business in front of a target audience.

Designing the site is also simple for anyone and yields great results. A quick search on Google using the term “free WordPress themes” will offer up thousands of pre-designed sites available for download. These backgrounds and templates can also be modified to suit any style that will help to promote your brand. 

Because WordPress is database-driven, users can switch themes (background graphics) throughout the year with the simple press of a button to keep things fresh and exciting. Adding extra features such as calendars, contact forms, slide show widgets and more are also available for quick and easy installation.

Visit the website and check out the list of available plug-ins and widgets—pre-developed features for your WordPress website. The advantage here is that common features don’t have to be developed from scratch. 

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