What is aggregated content – and why should your business care?


Aggregated content is material that is copied from another website, for example, product descriptions from an equipment manufacturer or apparel provider. This is important to know because it may raise a red flag and affect your website’s SEO. Other duplicate content such as a web page that details a business or service in Michigan, along with 49 other web pages with the exact same content for every other state, is also likely to adversely affect ranking within search results.

If the aggregated content is important to the site, consider editing it thoroughly so it does not match the source word-for-word.

Alternately, if you have provided content for other websites to use, consider alerting them to this new change, as each website providing the aggregated content would be penalized. Google Bot has no idea where the original content came from.

—Kelly “Rags” Ragland, Rags to Stitches Productions