How should I prepare for a high-volume sublimation project?


  • A wide-format printer is recommended as it saves you in production on both you ink cost and paper cost.
  • Depending on the ink job, you can work with multiple heat presses or you can invest in a larger heat press. 
  • There are industrial-size flatbed heat presses to consider — some that are manual or air-operated. Some have the option to upgrade from a single station to a twin station. If you need to sublimate onto both sides of a product, consider a top/bottom heat press. 
  • Another press to consider is a rotary press, which could be the right choice for high-volume production for textile sublimation. 
  • Make sure you are staffed adequately for the project.
  • Use a fast computer. 
  • Consider using multiple printers or a single printer that has a dual print head for faster print speed.
  • Optimize your production flow. There can be a lot of wasted time if your staff is moving items from one location to another across the building.
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