How do you use laser marking spray?


The process works like ceramic glaze. The laser heats the spray coating and causes it to change color and soak into the metal surface. You can use it with stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, and aircraft-grade aluminum. The CerMark spray, for example, will create black engraving on metal using a CO2 laser. 

Allow 15-20 minutes for the coating on the metal to air day. Once dry, the spray coating will turn a light tan color. Engrave the coated metal area using settings of 100 percent power and a speed setting equivalent to your laser’s rated power (a 40-watt laser equals 40 percent speed setting). 

After the engraving is complete, the unused coating can be washed off using water. Remove the nozzle of the can and keep it stored in a small container of water. This will keep it from getting clogged. 

—Mike Fruciano, Fruciano Consulting