How can you add extra value to your sublimation products to increase profit?


Value is a perceived number and as humans, we have no idea what it costs people to make most things we buy. Does the Cadillac cost that much more to make than the Ford? Not really, yet people are willing to pay more for the Cadillac in most cases because of its perceived value. 

This is where you have to think about pricing sublimation differently than, for example, screen printing or pad printing. You should not have a price list that gives the customer price breaks depending on the quantity purchased. With sublimation, you can gain some efficiency with quantity, but because there is not frontend setup, those efficiencies are only in buying of the base product and pressing more at one time. In sublimation, its necessary to come up with creative ways to add value. The first value-added tool you should use is for personalization. This is something you sell to your customers. Instead of having 1,000 mousepads with a single-color logo, the customer can spend a little more for full-color mousepads bought in smaller quantities that are personalized to fit all of their needs.

The second way to add perceived value is to describe your product differently, so the customer sees it as being more valuable. For example, if you are selling garments, you are not selling a T-shirt, you are selling moisture-wicking activewear decorated to last the life of the garment. Signage is another good example. You are not selling a simple sign; rather it is a full-color marketing tool that allows the company to show off their brand while still directing someone to the restroom. It just takes a little different way of thinking, a little market research, and being creative in your marketing strategy. 

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