How can I use image searches to increase website traffic?


Using image search is an efficient way to get the specific product you want; it’s also a way to drive traffic to your website. Doing this is user-friendly and, when incorporated as a supplement to standard search engine optimization, presents a simple way to catch extra web traffic. Here's how:

• Name images with keyword-friendly file names—if the image requires multiple keywords, hyphenate them. For instance, “glass-corporate-award.jpg” will be much more effective than “glasscorporateaward.jpg.”

• Use keyword-friendly text on the web page where each image is presented—these are not more keywords to add to the relevance of that image, but keywords to boost optimization in Image Search as well as in standard searches and web crawlers.

• Link to the image in creative ways using descriptive text within the links—for example, a blog post that goes into detail about a specific awards product could include a link to the image on your website for a larger view. The text “Click here to view our glass corporate award” tells the search engines that it is a glass corporate award.

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