How can I use hashtags to market my business?


Hashtags are a staple in social media, and by now you know that taking advantage of them can boost your internet marketing efforts when using the right approach. Personally, I like to check my Twitter feed every morning with my coffee. It has replaced the daily newspaper. Once I’ve had my fill of caffeine, news, entertainment and social engagement, I look in the left-hand column to see which hashtags are trending. They can often be an open window for tossing in a Tweet related to my products or services before I jump into the day’s task list.

Another way to jump in on hashtag conversations is to use an online tool, such as RiteTag. Within a few minutes, you can discover which hashtags are trending, the number of users participating in a topic, and consider jumping in with something of your own. You can also discover accounts you may consider following to target your market according to user interests.

I also like to refer to online calendars and schedule hashtag posts in advance. For example, this football season I set up and scheduled posts to support the #DallasCowboys on game days before the season ever started. The same can be done for national day recognitions (National Doughnut Day, etc.), holidays, seasons, and repetitive periods like back to school.

Keep an eye on hashtags frequently and look for opportunities to add your message to the masses while their attention is in one place.

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