How can I use CerMark tape to engrave metal?


CerMark tape creates black engraving on metal using a CO2 laser. The heat energy of the laser will fuse (or thermally bond) the CerMark to the material. The result is a permanent, black engraving bonded to the product.

CerMark tape works best when engraving on stainless steel, but it also works on other materials like red clay brick. Engrave pieces on a flat surface.

Start with clean, uncoated metal. Remove any oil or grease with alcohol or spirits.

Apply the tape with the black side facing the metal. Press firmly to make sure the tape is free of bubbles and in direct contact with the metal.

Engrave the CerMark tape using maximum power. Calculate the speed setting by multiplying the power of your system by 0.3 (for example, 0.3 x 45). A minimum of 45 watts of laser power is required for using CerMark tape.

After engraving, remove the tape and clean the engraved area with a damp cloth or water.