Do you have any tips for arranging my showroom to enhance presentation?


There are a few ways to arrange your showroom to enhance the presentation of your personalized products. By setting up certain products in strategic locations, you can appeal to your customer’s natural buying habits.

Set up a display in your front window. Sometimes a single item can catch a customer’s eye and will draw a person in to look further. Situate new and interesting merchandise between the front door and cash register. Make sure certain items are in an easily-accessible area, especially those products that you want the customer to pick up and feel in order to fully appreciate them. Sublimated products work particularly well for this section. Make a smooth transition from one type of item to another; this can help create a story in the customer’s mind. For example, gift items like portfolios can transition into business card holders or desk accessories to plaques for corporate awards. Finally, put some items right by the register such as smaller, promotional items that can generate that last-minute impulse buy. 

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