Is creating 3D models with a laser profitable?


I would say definitely yes, but with a few caveats.

The major issue is the 3D artwork needed for these types of projects. Simple projects are made easier by using a 3D model that has already been created, making simple edits to keep it your design. Keep in mind that creating 3D can be time consuming and has a learning curve. So, if you plan to try your hand at creating 3D artwork, plan on having lots of time to learn and relearn the features of the software.

Profitability of a project is based on making more than one of them. Replication of the project will yield profits if you can sell multiples of the same project. Once the vector cutting files are created, running them over and over to produce multiples is an easy task. There is no doubt that as more 3D artwork becomes available, the process of creating highly detailed 3D models using a laser will grow, and it will be exciting to see new and creative applications for this emerging technology.