Tip Of The Week: Sandcarving Equipment Maintenance

In regards to compressor maintenance, says Ruth Dobbins, one of the things to check for safety is the shroud, or cage, that covers the belts on most common compressors. You need to consider this if you are the do-it-yourself-fix-it type. Often, when the belts need tightening or replacing, you’ll take the shroud off to access the belts. Once it is off, it often appears to be too much hassle to put it back on. Don’t mess with Murphy’s Law; don’t go there! This creates a very hazardous situation, and it is a reason why insurance companies do not like belt-drive compressors but prefer the direct drive versions.

If you move around your compressor without a shroud, you open yourself up to the possibility of catching your shirt or hair when the motor kicks in and the belts start turning. Always put the shroud back on yourself, or check it after a maintenance person has worked on the compressor. To read more, click here.

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