Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)
The tool enables SGP-certified companies to monitor their environmental progress to help them meet their sustainability goals.

SGP Reports on Findings from the First Year of its ‘Impact Tracker’

The Sayville, New York-based Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, a nonprofit organization that provides sustainability certification in the graphics communication industry, announces results from the first year for companies who started using its “Impact Tracker,” which it released in 2018. The dashboard tool tracks metrics in sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for SGP-certified printers, enabling companies to monitor their monetary and environmental accomplishments.

The first example the nonprofit points to is New Jersey’s Digital Color Concepts (DCC), a fully-integrated graphics company that became SGP-certified in 2016. The organization targeted eliminating waste at all levels, making a goal of zero landfill waste its first continuous improvement project. According to SGP, the company reached a zero-landfill status in 2018. Also, the company earned $146,327 from recycling. SGP says that although some training was required to ensure proper sorting of office recyclables, DCC director of quality assurance, Bon Wan, tells them the transition to zero waste did not cause significant changes in the production workflow and the results have been overwhelmingly positive, both financially and ethically.

Similarly, SGP reports that Dprint, a Lakeland, Florida-based print-on-demand manufacturer of decals, auto wraps and signage, uploaded its sustainability data going back to 2012 into the SGP Impact Tracker and over that seven years it found:

  • 34% reduction in VOCs
  • 21% reduction in water waste
  • 33% reduction in total waste
  • 14% reduction in energy consumption
  • 36% reduction in natural gas consumption

The SGP Impact Tracker is powered by Sustainability Dashboard Tools LLC.

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