Drawstring gym sacks are one example of the types of products discussed in this webinar. (Image courtesy Sawgrass)

Sawgrass Presents ‘Making Money with Sublimation: The Fan Wear Market’ Webinar

On June 12th, Sawgrass presents a webinar titled, “Making Money with Sublimation: The Fan Wear Market.” There are two sessions: one at 8 a.m. and another at 4 p.m. (EST). 

Jimmy Lamb, manager of communication and education, covers opportunities in this market and the products and the processes used to create profitable merchandise for the fan wear market, including poly and cotton products.

“From recreational leagues to professional sports, high school teams to college competitions, the demand for customized products with team logos and mascots is on the rise,” says Lamb. “Fan wear is a wide-ranging market with plenty of product opportunities, not just apparel.” He explains, with sublimation, you can produce drinkware, stadium seats, laptop sleeves, phone covers, flags, home décor products, and more. His suggestion: “Look at the activity and/or event and identify unique products that not only deliver a message, but serve a purpose that appeals to the fans.”  

Lamb also adds that the fan wear market branches further than just sports. “The market applies to any type of activity that has a following,” he elaborates. “Take Comic-Con, for example. You may need to be careful with licensing, but it goes to show the endless possibilities of unique markets for fan wear products. You just have to think outside the box.”

Registration for the webinar can be found here.

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