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Penn Emblem employees collected 220 gently-used books. (Image courtesy Penn Emblem)

Penn Emblem Participates in National Read a Book Day

Penn Emblem participates in National Read a Book Day. As part of the September 6th event, employees collected 220 gently-used books.

Corporate office staff distributed the donations at multiple local outlets, including Tree House Books and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) Reach Out and Read program. Both organizations focus on providing books to families to promote literacy for all ages.

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Employees from company headquarters. (All images courtesy Penn Emblem)

“Reading and learning are two of my favorite things (and) it means so much to be able to give that joy to someone else, especially a child,” says company president Randi Blumenthal-Joseph. “I am so proud of this team coming together and giving back in this way. A book is such a small thing, but the person reading it, that book can shape their world.”

With the donation to Tree House Books, Penn Emblem says it helps support the organization’s giving library and literacy center. The facility provides free books to the community to help spread knowledge and awareness, including adults. Through the CHOP donation, the company says it helps contribute to the foundation’s demand for more than 200,000 books annually for children aged newborn to 10 years old.

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The donation included books for children and adults. 

The project marks the latest community-oriented endeavor for the company. Earlier in September, Blumenthal-Joseph and Bob Wiberg, vice president of manufacturing, helped coordinate a donation of back-to-school supplies for families at the Penn Mexico facility.

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