The lineup includes seven trade shows hosted at both new and familiar locations.

THE NBM SHOW Releases 2017 Lineup

National Business Media is proud to announce THE NBM SHOW schedule for the 2017 trade show season. The lineup includes seven events at both new and familiar locations, as well as its first ever co-located show, offering opportunities for buyers to explore new ways to grow their businesses and bottom lines in multiple markets.

“The schedule is robust,” says Vice President of NBM Events Sue Hueg, explaining that the choices for each year’s lineup are all about time and place. “We enjoy returning to locations where we have had years of success, but we like to add areas that are new and underserved. We believe that face-to-face events are the best way for buyers and sellers to connect, and our regional program allows many to attend an event close to home.”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be the first stop on Feb. 16-18 for THE NBM SHOW, which has co-located with Graphics of the Americas (GOA) in order to reach out to different markets and diverse attendees and exhibitors. Discussions with GOA began shortly after THE NBM SHOW in Orlando in 2015, as both trade shows fell on the same dates.

“We wanted to offer something for the industry that nobody else is doing,” says Dave Pomeroy, vice president of publishing and markets for NBM. “This was really appealing in that nature because the markets, while related, are different.” Pomeroy explains that many of the attendees who attend GOA reside in Latin America, South America and Mexico. GOA exhibitors offer some different products and services, such as commercial printing. “We feel that the GOA attendees are going to have a lot of interest in the items on display at THE NBM SHOW. It just works really well both ways.” This will be the first time THE NBM SHOW has co-located a trade show.

2017 also features a new venue. THE NBM SHOW will travel on Aug. 17-19 to Secaucus (Meadowlands), New Jersey, a stone’s throw away from the metropolitan hub of New York City.

“It’s an easy train ride, so we’re in the middle of a huge population that’s easily accessible; it’s going to be a powerhouse event,” Pomeroy asserts. “We believe that we’ll be looking at sell-out events in a lot of these cities including Secaucus.”

Hueg agrees, describing the venue as “a metropolitan show without the hassle of downtown NYC.”

Of course, THE NBM SHOW will host its multi-market trade shows in some familiar locations as well. Back by both popular demand and past successes, 2017 will feature shows in Arlington, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Long Beach, California; Denver, Colorado; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Another constant about THE NBM SHOW is its focus on connecting the industry not as businesses, but as individuals.

“We give people an opportunity to say hello, to ask questions, to try equipment. It makes a huge difference,” Hueg boasts. “Nothing replaces face-to-face and shaking hands. That’s why the handshake is our logo. We’re all about bringing people together.”

The 2017 season includes: THE NBM SHOW (co-located with GOA) Feb. 16-18 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; THE NBM SHOW on March 16-18 in Arlington, Texas; THE NBM B.I.G. SHOW in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 1-3; THE NBM B.I.G. SHOW in Long Beach, California on July 20-22; THE NBM SHOW Aug. 17-19 in Secaucus (Meadowlands), New Jersey; THE NBM 2-DAY SHOW Sep. 8-9 in Denver, Colorado; and THE NBM SHOW on Oct. 26-28 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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