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Minuteman Press owner in Minnesota supports telethon. L-R: Aaron Dahl, Apparel Technician; Dale Lipsky, Owner; and Alex Meyer, Graphic Designer. (Image courtesy Minuteman Press)

Minuteman Press Franchise Supports Eagles Cancer Telethon

On January 19, the Rochester, Minnesota branch of Minuteman Press supported the 65th Eagles Cancer Telethon, which is the longest televised telethon in the nation, according to the company. Dale Lipsky, the owner of this branch, provided the telethon with custom branded apparel, marketing, printing, and a musical performance.

“We provided signs, tickets, posters, and apparel for the telethon. On the apparel side, I simply asked the telethon Chair if we could provide T-shirts for the telethon and it was a resounding ‘yes,’” Lipsky says. 

In July of 2018, the company acquired Image Smartz, an apparel business. This enabled Lipsky to bring apparel printing in-house, which gave them the ability to fulfill the T-shirt orders quickly and effectively for the telethon. Lipsky explains the acquisition “was a natural fit to our printing business and customer base. We are gaining business from the apparel customers and are selling apparel to our print customer base.”

Along with supporting the telethon through Minuteman Press, Lipsky has a personal connection to the event. He explains, “My band, The Nostalgic No-Names, performed once again at the telethon for the fourth year in a row.  I typically receive good feedback from local folks who see us on local TV. My father and other relatives have also died due to cancer, so providing discounts for printed and apparel products for such a worthy cause is an easy way to give back that means the world to me. The telethon typically raises of $1 million, which is used for researching cancer. With the Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, the bond between the telethon is even stronger in our community.”

For more information, visit www.rochester.minutemanpress.com.

The Nostalgic No-Names (Image courtesy Minuteman Press)

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