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Effective as of September 1st, this agreement aims to provide a new solution to the sublimation market. (Logo courtesy Insta Graphic Systems)

Insta Graphic Systems and Graphics One Sign Distribution Agreement

Insta Graphic Systems, located in Cerritos, California, and Graphics One, located in Sunnyvale, California, have inked a distribution agreement encompassing the distribution of Insta Graphic's line of heat presses, effective September 1st. This agreement covers certain vertical market segments where Graphics One is heavily involved, including the toner textile transfer business segment. 

According to Cris Saunders, director of sales and marketing for Insta Graphic, discussion of a potential agreement began in January of this year after Prism Inks’ acquisition of Graphics One. She credits Amir Ajanee, CEO of Prism Inks, as having been instrumental in ensuring an agreement.

Saunders also explains that the reasoning behind the deal is to provide a new channel of revenue while creating a new solution in the marketplace. She says, “Graphics One/Prism was aware of the sterling reputation Insta has in the OKI distribution channel in Europe. Insta heat presses were used to develop all of the major transfer papers including Forever (an Insta distributor in Europe), Magic Touch (UK distributor), and to a less extent Shockline in Italy. We wanted this capability for our OKI and sublimation network of dealers.” 

Currently there is only one other major provider of heat presses into the OKI market. “We felt it was good to provide a whole solution to our customer that is different from others (available),” Saunders elaborates.

"We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Graphics One, whose focus on solution-selling fits well with our overall strategy,” states Janet Wells, president of Insta Graphic. “Graphics One's focus of only working through graphics dealers involved in the transfer and dye-sub markets dovetails with our efforts to further penetrate this market. We are pleased to have Graphics One partner with us in this effort.” 

Wells adds, “Graphics One will (bundle) our heat presses with a variety of printers, which include the OKI Textile Transfer line, the new GO SubliMate printers, and with a variety of other printers focused on unique industrial applications."

Amir Ajanee, managing partner of AD International and owner of Graphics One, indicates, "We have long wanted to partner with a heat press manufacturer located in the U.S. who offers high-quality heat presses. Many people do not know that Insta has been involved in the toner transfer market longer than any other heat press manufacturer in the market. In fact, the leading transfer papers were all developed using Insta Graphic heat presses. We are really pleased to enter into this distribution agreement with one of the leaders of our industry."

Insta's heat presses are available immediately via Graphics One's dye-sub and heat transfer sales channel. 

Going forward, the companies have several marketing activities planned to get the word out, including a series of open houses for their dealers. Stay tuned for details.

For more information, contact Insta Graphic at 562-474-6342 or Graphics One at 818-260-9591.

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