IKONICS Imaging and Bogi’s Garage will host two different sandcarving seminars. (Logos courtesy IKONICS Imaging and Bogi's Garage)

IKONICS Imaging Partners with Bogi’s Garage for Two Sandcarving Seminars

IKONICS Imaging and Bogi’s Garage will host two different sandcarving seminars this weekend, October 13th and 14th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Bogi’s Garage, located at 2304 E. Polk St., Phoenix, Arizona. Taught by Darin Jones, technical training sales specialist at IKONICS Imaging, these workshops are designed to coach students in basic to advanced sandcarving techniques.

The intro class on October 13th covers the sandcarving process from beginning to end. Students will: 

  • Discuss the basics of creating optimum artwork for sandcarving. Learn helpful tips and tricks when creating artwork for halftones.
  • Produce photoresist films using IKONICS Imaging’s dry-process film, RapidMask, along with other washout films including R-Series, UltraPeel, and more.
  • Receive hands-on etching practice and instruction.

The advanced class on October 14th is designed to help students refine and build off of their existing skills. Students will:

  • Learn advanced techniques on how to sandcarve a wide variety of substrates. 
  • Dive into popular sandcarving techniques including stage carving, halftones, color-filling, and more.
  • Personalize items with logos, expressions, or images on a variety of substrates including glass, ceramic, stainless steel, rock, etc. 

Participants are welcome to bring their own substrate to personalize; however, items will be provided in both classes so that students can practice what they learn and take them home.

Space is limited to eight students for each class. “One-on-one time is crucial,” says Jones. “There are a couple of open spots, so register today and you'll have a blast.”

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