heat transfer warehouse
Tonya Venable (Image courtesy Heat Transfer Warehouse)

Heat Transfer Warehouse Continues Order Fulfillment Team Development

Tonya Venable joins Heat Transfer Warehouse as its newest order fulfillment specialist at the Fargo Warehouse. She will be responsible for filling customer orders and helping convert material.

Venable is a former Marine with over 20 years of administrative support experience. She says, “Fulfillment was an aspect of previous positions I've held, and I thought it would be fun to have a job with only one main focus instead of 20.”

She is looking forward to the fun, stress-free nature of this role, but adds that, “I hope to offer ideas on cost savings and efficiencies as I learn more about Heat Transfer Warehouse and become a valued team member.”

For more information, visit www.heattransferwarehouse.com.

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