Gyford Standoff Systems Gage Berry Anthony Sosa
Anthony Sosa and Gage Berry (pictured left to right under the red arrows) work alongside each other in the in the sign assembly department. (Image courtesy Gyford Standoff Systems)

Gyford Standoff Systems Announces Additions to the Team

Gyford Standoff Systems announces new additions to the team. Anthony Sosa, who joined Gyford at the end of August, is a new custom shop apprentice. Gage Berry was hired for parts assembly in September. Sosa and Berry work alongside each other in the sign assembly department in Reno, Nevada.

Berry originates from Reno and attended ACE vocational high school with a focus on machining. Like some of the other employees at Gyford, he attended Gyford facility tours during National Manufacturing Day in 2018. According to the company, when his instructor informed him of a position opening at Gyford, he jumped at the opportunity. In addition to working at Gyford, Berry is continuing his studies for an associate degree in machining.

Sosa also originates from Reno and is a graduate of the Academy of Career Education, a charter school in Reno. He attended Manufacturing Day open houses in 2016, 2017, and 2018. During the summer before joining Gyford, Sosa worked at a trampoline park.

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