Freeman-CMA management team
Pictured, from left, is Erich Stock, Alex Luna, Cristhian Castaneda, Joe Molnar and Gregory Kolenut. (Photo courtesy of Freeman-CMA)

Freeman-CMA Appoints New Sales and Customer Service Supervisors

Freeman-CMA announces the appointment of Alex Luna and Joe Molnar as the company’s customer service supervisors. In their new positions, Luna and Molnar are responsible for assisting the department with sales calls, product information and customer service assistance.

In an effort to grow to become a “global force,” Freeman-CMA has also tasked Christhian Castaneda with growing the company’s international sales department, according to Freeman-CMA Sales Director Gregory Kolenut.

“This is a great addition to our management team,” he tells A&E magazine. “In a competitive marketplace, service is the most important product a company can offer.”

The appointments are part of the company’s plans to restructure Freeman-CMA’s sales and customer service team at its national headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, allowing Kolenut and Sales Manager Erich Stock to spend more time serving customers.

“We feel it is important to be there for our customers—to listen and learn about what they need to make their business succeed,” Kolenut explains. “Now more than ever, we will be a customer-focused supplier.”

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