fairway laser
Join Dan Molchan Sr., president and owner, on June 8th at the Fairway Laser showroom. (Image courtesy Fairway Laser)

Fairway Laser Hosts CorelDRAW Class

Fairway Laser has scheduled a class on June 8th from noon to 4 p.m. at its showroom, 950 Transport Dr. Valparaiso, Indiana. The class focuses on the basics of CorelDRAW including: an introduction to the program, common tools and procedures every new laser owner should know, how to crop images, how to use the trace option, how to install and manipulate text and fonts, and an overview of page layout and setup.

“Simply put, if you just bought a laser, you need to know how to do these basic things to succeed,” explains Fairway representative Daniel Molchan Jr.

The class is taught by Dan Molchan Sr., president and owner, who has over 20 years of experience with CorelDRAW. He believes, “The number one thing holding people back from succeeding with a laser system is software and technique.” That is why, “When we built the building a few years ago, we specifically added the classroom to better assist and educate our customers after the sale.” 

Class size averages 10 to 20 people and costs $50 to register. Click here to book your spot.

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