Epilog Laser Announces Mystery Box Challenge Winner

Epilog Laser, a leading producer CO2 and fiber laser systems, has announced that Maarten Vanderstoel, Fort Worth, Texas, is the winner of the Epilog Laser/GeekDad.com Mystery Box Challenge.

"Maarten's entry really encompassed the theme of the Mystery Box Challenge," said Mike Dean, director of sales and marketing for Epilog. "The entry was creative, unique and engaging on so many levels."

"Everything on the box is handmade," Vanderstoel said. "The panels were purchased pre-routed but blank, and I stained and hand painted each one. All sides were sanded to look aged.

The top of the box is a puzzle to be figured out. I made the spring-loaded buttons by cutting dowels and attaching a spring, and everything was soldered to a bread board attached to a nine-volt battery.”

Vanderstoel, who runs a children’s art studio called Van Grow, with his wife Hanna, explained that a big reason he entered the contest was to encourage creativity and the love of mystery in others.

“The story JJ Abrams told of his grandfather's encouragement of creativity made a huge impact on his life. That’s what we aim to do at the studio in Fort Worth—inspire creativity. For my box I wanted the element of interaction to inspire the imagination of what could be inside."

While it took around a week to build the entire thing, Vanderstoel said he didn't make the box for anyone in particular and keeps its contents under tight wraps.

“I actually made the box just for the contest. However, if Mr. Abrams were interested, I would trade it for some Lost secrets," he said.

Other notable entries included the Encasement Series and the Extra Terrestrial Mystery Box. For more information on Epilog Laser, visit http://www.epiloglaser.com.

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