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Times have changed, and so has the company, according to Victor Macchia, vice president of sales and marketing.

Crystal Blanc Brand is Now J.Charles

J.Charles announces that the Crystal Blanc brand is now J.Charles. When J.Charles launched its blank division back in 1993 the name Crystal Blanc was chosen because it described what the market division was all about: providing blank glass and crystal to engravers. But times have changed, and so has the company, according to Victor Macchia, vice president of sales and marketing. 

“When J.Charles launched our blank division back in 1993 our owner thought it best to ‘make clear this was our wholesale engravers division,’ so he gave it a cute name: Crystal Blanc,” Macchia elaborates. At that time, the owner only offered the products from the J.Charles line that engravers could most easily etch themselves. “But then engravers wanted a couple more things, more products from J.Charles in the Crystal Blanc catalog, and the ability for us to do the etching for them, so we gave them some more product, and started offering etching services,” he adds.

Over the years, as J.Charles grew, it was no secret that Crystal Blanc was J.Charles and the lines were blurred. Macchia notes that they were printing two different catalogs, operating two different customer service departments, and the customers could not figure it out. Now under one name, the company hopes the confusion will be eliminated.

“We will now offer engravers the same J.Charles catalog, with a wholesale/blank price list for every item in the catalog, and we will still offer etching services,” Macchia affirms. “Our customers will now also enjoy a more streamline customer service experience.”

What’s to expect, according to Macchia? Access to more designer product and packaging, backed by customer service. In other words, a different name with more of the same. 

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