“It’s a really great time,” says Condé's Bobbi McMullen. “We love our open house. We take the whole building and spruce it up.”

Condé Welcomes Public to 25th Anniversary Open House Event

Condé Systems Inc. invites the public to its annual open house on Saturday, August 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the company headquarters, 5600 Commerce Blvd. East in Mobile, Alabama.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the company will host demonstrations and workshops from a number of guests including: Molly Hill and Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass; Keith Shifflet of Unisub; David Lewis of Forever Transfer Paper; Jim Cobb of Vivid Chemicals; Jackie Weir of ID Plates; AccuCutter; and more, according to Condé Social Media Manager Bobbi McMullen.

Condé’s own Sprite Rosewood will also present education sessions in addition to the company’s technical support department, who will be on-hand to answer questions and showcase various equipment, products, and software including the Live Portrait app and the personalization kiosk. Condé will also introduce new equipment and products. “We’ll have a huge announcement regarding our Reveal (line of products) and some new acrylic items,” McMullen tells A&E magazine.

“It’s a really great time,” she adds. “We love our open house. We take the whole building and spruce it up.”

The company is expecting a large turnout for the event—400 to 500 visitors. “Each year, there have been more people each year,” McMullen says. “We made it family-friendly by having the food trucks parked outside where grandma and the kids can sit out on the lawn around the pond. It’s beautiful.”

There will also be door prizes, free gifts for attendees, and a raffle with a mystery grand prize, she notes, adding that a new feature of this year’s open house is free shipping on all products and equipment attendees purchase at the event. “In past years, we had people waiting around for orders to drive home with,” she explains. “This year, we decided this year to offer everybody free shipping so they don’t have to pack it up with the rest of their vacation stuff.”

The annual open house will be held in conjunction with The Essentials of CorelDraw, hosted by Corel Certified Instructor Roger Wambolt on Friday, August 4. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the all-day session will also cover the essential tools and techniques featured in the new interface for sublimators to use with confidence. Held at the Mardis Gras Museum, 355 Government Street in Mobile, Alabama, the seminar and lunch are $175 and seating is limited.

To register or for more information, visit www.conde.com.

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