Condé Sawgrass webinar copyright trademarks David Gross Jimmy Lamb
Tune in on August 12th to better understand copyright and trademark law and how to apply it to your business.  

Condé and Sawgrass Host a Copyright and Trademarks Webinar

Condé and Sawgrass host an educational webinar on August 12 at 4 p.m. EST. The event is tailored for decorators and business owners to better understand copyright and trademark law.  

Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass and David Gross of Condé will lead the webinar. Lamb and Gross are not attorneys but have personal experience with these laws, according to Condé.

“Using trademarked logos, images, symbols, etc., on decorated products without permission can cause costly legal issues for a business,” explains Gross. “Decorators should join this webinar to get a general understanding of copyright and trademarks laws and how they apply to their business.”

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