Coastal new website
The Coastal website is being continually updated with new and improved features since the beta launch in mid-February.

Coastal Unveils Updated User-Enhanced Website

Coastal Business Supplies announces the launch of its updated website, boasting an improved and user-friendly platform, modern design, and a variety of additional features.

Efforts to overhaul the company’s site began about six months ago, according to Coastal Business Supplies Content Marketing Specialist Kalina Mondzholovska. “The decision was made to migrate to a new website platform, which has a lot of potential and greater flexibility as far as user experience, speed and overall performance,” she tells A&E magazine, adding that the old website needed an upgrade. “Our mission and motivation is to help our customers succeed and provide them with an online shopping experience that is fast and easy, giving them time to focus on the important things, such as their own business. Our old website simply didn’t have that flexibility to be improved past a certain point and live up to today’s demands and web standards.”

The new platform offers a more organized layout and side menu category options for better browsing and easier navigation, as well as a search engine, a featured product section, and a help information center. The update site also allows for a simple and fast checkout—two steps instead of the former website’s five-step ordering process, Mondzholovska explains.

The Coastal website is being continually updated with new and improved features since the beta launch in mid-February. “It was a big project to take on and the great thing about it is there is so much more room for growth and adding cool, new features,” she says.

Since its launch, the company has been implementing user feedback as it comes in—from better navigation, to slowly but steadily updating its product photography, Coastal is working daily to cover all bases. “As expected with any big change, we have had amazing feedback and at times, some much-needed constructive criticism,” Mondzholovska notes. “Even though there are hiccups along the way, we are taking all comments seriously and acting on them.” For example, issues arose early in the launch with the search tool feature, but Coastal was able to update the feature due to valuable feedback and trial and error.

The company plans to update and add more features to the redesigned site by the end of 2017. “Better photography, faster performance, and easy navigation are all things we are still working on improving,” she adds. “There are so many options to play with and we are just beginning to explore them.”

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