LaserCoach was a necessity for laser engravers in Australia who wanted to learn more about their graphics software. (Logo courtesy LaserCoach)

A&E Exclusive: LaserCoach Launches Website for CorelDRAW Training

LaserCoach, an Australian distributor of Epilog lasers, launched a new website on August 17th to provide online training courses for CorelDRAW’s Graphics Suite. It is tailored to laser engravers and users of similar equipment. 

According to founder Jordan Buhagiar, the site is ideal for those who want to learn the software before their laser system arrives, those who want to improve their current skills, and those who don’t have access to training opportunities. “I hold regular CorelDRAW training classes at our offices … however, with Australia being such a large country, there were lots of people who were either too far away or unable to make it to any of our classes,” he explains.

To solve this problem, Buhagiar developed an online solution, which features a mix of both free and paid video courses with interaction from a trainer. “The LaserCoach website (offers) structured lessons and more in-depth explanations on the different CorelDRAW tools and techniques needed to get the most out of your laser engraving machine,” he says. “Oursite is clearly broken up into different courses each with ordered lessons concentrating on only the critical skills you need to learn – and most importantly, it teaches you these skills in the correct order.” 

He points out that many industry members would turn to videos on YouTube for help: “There are thousands of videos on YouTube, but there was nothing available as a course that takes you step by step through the learning process.”

Alternatively, these online courses allow registered visitors to access a course, complete it at their convenience, and refer back to it when needed. The courses are also available on any mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. 

Buhagiar concludes by saying that he will continue to add more courses on topics relevant to laser engravers. Full details of the courses currently available on the site can be found at

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