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Jose Lara (Image courtesy ID Plates)

A&E Exclusive: ID Plates Recognizes Employee with Quarterly President’s Award

ID Plates recently honored Jose Lara, facilities manager, as the second quarter President’s Award recipient. The award is based on an employee’s ability to consistently demonstrate each of the company’s four core values: valuing the customer, teamwork, character, and stewardship.

“We have the opportunity to nominate people each month based on the core value of the month – for example, this month we’re focusing on stewardship – then at the end of the month, all the nominees’ names get put into a hat and whoever gets selected wins $50,” explains Sean Andrus, marketing specialist.

But the President’s Award is a little different, Andrus says. “Not only does it represent all of our core values, it’s selected by the general manager and president of the company.” Lara was selected for this quarter because of his “work ethic and can-do attitude,” the company writes in a tweet on July 27th.

He recently started the facilities manager position to support the production department and, according to Joe D’Antonio, general manager, “Jose was the perfect person to put in charge of facilities. He’s taken ownership and provided care to all aspects of the building so that it’s in great shape for the work we do.”

Andrus continues, “I think having stated core values puts employees in charge of their own destiny. It encourages people to find good aspects in other people, and at ID Plates, the recognition of core values is practically as important as someone displaying them.” 

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