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Andy and Mandy Blackett (Image courtesy Engraving Studios)

A&E Exclusive: Engraving Studios Expands with New Location

Stockton, England-based Engraving Studios nearly doubled the size of its business when it relocated from the Stockton Business Centre to a new industrial complex at Unit 15, Arkgrove Industrial Estate, Ross Road. According to Owners Andy and Mandy Blackett, they were handed the keys in mid-July and officially made the move during the last weekend in August.

Andy explains that within five years, “We've grown our business from a single machine in our garden shed and are more than proud of the goals we've achieved. 

“We hope that the new larger premises will support our further growth, (and allow us to invest) in machinery and increase our team as we grow our sales both nationally and worldwide.” 

Talk of a potential move began only six months ago. “It took a little time to find the ‘right’ workshop,” says Andy. “Our new premises were just being finished when we found them. We were lucky enough to get first pick of the units on a brand-new industrial development.”

Coming up next, the owners plan to add another full-time workshop and packaging role in the next three months with plans to add another engraver to the team starting early 2019. In the meantime, they report that there is still some work to do to finetune the operations of their new work areas. However, “We continually monitor order lead times to ensure that nothing gets delayed as we move and settle – so far nobody has had cause to question any change in our service levels,” Andy assures. “Thankfully, through thorough planning and hard work, we seem to have managed the move quite well.”

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