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(L-R) Tara Doe, John and Ellie Day, and Mark Doe. (Image courtesy Jessica Picard, Lincoln County News)

A&E Exclusive: Emporium Engraving Gains New Owners and Relocates

As of April 30th, Tara and Mark Doe are the new owners of Newcastle, Maine’s Emporium Engraving. Former owners Ellie and John Day had run the business for 14 years leading up to their retirement and sale of their business.

As a part of the Days’ request to keep the business local, the Does relocated the business 3/4 of a mile away to the same building where Louis Doe Home Center – their home appliance and electronics store (which also includes a florist and pet center) – resides. 

Mark owns and manages the center, while Tara works full-time as a 911 dispatcher. Being in close proximity to the Emporium, they heard it was for sale, and Mark thought it would be a beneficial addition to the businesses they already own. 

“My husband spoke with Ellie Day on several occasions before we decided to give it any serious consideration,” Tara explains. “Then, in January of this year, I decided to go and see what engraving entailed. When I arrived, John didn't just tell me about the business, he made me sit down in the chair and get to work.” 

Though the learning curve has been steep, she adds, “(John) has been methodical and patient while showing me the various options and methods of machine engraving … I was captivated by how something can be transformed and made so personal, whether it is a plain piece of metal, jewelry, plaque, or glass. The whole process is so exciting.”

To make room for the new engraving shop, a closet in the building’s bookkeeping office was taken out, and a room was expanded into the storage area. The new engraving room is now functional, but is still in the process of being customized and rearranged. 

But the move doesn’t just mean the Does can be closer to their other businesses. According to Tara, there is opportunity and convenience for consumers, as well. “There are many items in our Home Center that can be engraved, including tools, thermoses, vases, wedding accessories, knives, lighters, and pet tags,” she elaborates. “The Home Center will offer an opportunity to expose patrons to engraving who may not have given it a thought before.”

As the new owners look ahead, they say they plan on utilizing social media, implementing an email campaign, and broadcast advertising to help promote the business. Tara states, “We feel it is important to continue to grow and to keep businesses local.”

They plan on hosting a grand reopening in the near future. Follow the new Emporium Engraving Facebook page to get updates.

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