Advanced Graphic Engraving Manufacturing Day 2019 students
Advanced Graphic Engraving open its doors to local students on October 2 for Manufacturing Day.

Advanced Graphic Engraving Hosts Manufacturing Day Event

Advanced Graphic Engraving, an industrial engraving company, will open its doors to students from local schools on October 2 as part of Manufacturing Day, which officially takes places October 4 at thousands of manufacturing facilities across the country. The Advanced Graphic Engraving event takes place at company headquarters, 3105 Melancon Road, Broussard, Louisiana, 70518. 

According to the company, students will get a firsthand look at how a CO2 laser works. Following an introduction about CO2 lasers, students can learn how the lasers are used to mark stainless steel and gain an understanding of how lasers are utilized in industrial settings. 

“Students will see what it’s like to operate a CO2 laser,” the company says. “By viewing this demonstration and hearing about the skills involved in etching stainless steel, they will gain a deeper understanding of this career field and what it’s like to work in it.”

View the event page for more information. 

The Manufacturing Day website explains the mission of the day is to address common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers the chance to show what it is and what it isn’t. To get involved, manufacturers have the chance to host an event, attend an event, or sponsor an event. 

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