Why Adding Sublimation to a Decorating Business Can Be Profitable: Part one

Robin Kavanagh serves as the public relations manager for Sawgrass Ink. She has been in the industry for over three years.

It used to be that decorating businesses were identified by their specialty – screen printing, embroidery, transfers, sublimation, sign making, etc.; but the new reality is that specialists are losing revenue opportunities because they cannot handle all the needs of their clients, due to expanding customer expectations and buying habits.

Diversifying your business is one way to address this new environment. This doesn’t mean running out and buying the latest and greatest equipment in hopes that you can put it to use. Instead, you should take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses, followed by an in-depth assessment of buying trends. 

  • What products are your customers wanting that you can’t deliver? 
  • How often do they order? 
  • What are the expected turnaround times? 
  • What are the preferred quantities?

Chances are, sublimation is the technology that would give you the most capabilities in terms of diversification and still allow you to handle small runs and quick turnarounds when needed.

—Robin Kavanaugh, Sawgrass