What trends in colored art glass are you seeing?

Mayra Barboza is the Marketing Coordinator at PRISM Crystal.

Blue crystals are very popular with corporations. Blue is often used or associated with company logos; therefore, corporations normally seek to purchase awards that would match their corporate identity.

Green crystals are popular with corporations who want to show their concern for the environment—another common trend. It can be associated with their corporate culture or operations.

Incorporating metal components into a design brings a more contemporary look. This new look is more appealing to, and is favored by, the new-aged corporations, like technology, electronics, etc.

Also note worthy, the overall award design/shape is very important too. Some of our most popular items are one of a kind, multicolored, spiraled pieces. For example, we have a red heart that is extremely popular due to its shape.

—Mayra Barboza, Topmost World