The Value of a Print Test for UV-LED Printing

Paul Green works for OmniPrint International, distributor of the FreeJet line of direct-to-garment printers. He is also an industry seminar and webinar speaker and contributing writer. He has been in the printing industry for the last 10 years. After hours, Green is also an established fine artist and painter, and his work can be seen in group art shows around California.

Before you start printing on any new product, you should always complete a print test. Once completed, a scratch test should be done to confirm how durable the print is. UV ink should stick to most surfaces and not scratch or rub off. From time to time, you may come across a metal or plastic that does not allow the ink to bond well. In this case, adhesion promoter for metal or plastic can be used to help create a stronger bond to the surface. 

—Paul Green, OmniPrint International