Use Technology to Cut Administrative Costs

Change can be difficult, and technology changes are no exception. That’s why many people stick to the “tried and true” methods of running the administrative side of their business. If that’s working, there’s no reason to change. However, if you are feeling pressure to accomplish everything due to business growth, or you want to spend more time growing your business, consider the many ways to save time and money using technology. Here is one easy-to-learn process:

Use email to send out invoices and statements. If your system doesn’t generate electronic documents, many of today’s copiers have a scan function you can use to send the document to your computer. (If you don’t already have one, it’s worth it!) From there, simply attach it to an email. This easy-to-learn process will save money, and can also eliminate the “lost invoice” situations. Once you establish your file system, you can easily access your invoices without searching your files (or piles). If you don’t already use this method to send invoices, make sure you inform your customers you are making the switch before you do it.

—Jason Klein, CFO for JDS Industries Inc.