Understanding the Relationship Between Lasers and Plastic

Amy Dallman is the marketing communications specialist for Epilog Laser. To request the complete version of Epilog’s Guidebook to Starting a Cutting and Engraving Business, email sales@epiloglaser.com or call toll free 888-437-4564.

Several types of plastics and acrylics can be laser cut or engraved. Cast acrylic is more compatible with engraving since it produces a frosted finish. Extruded acrylic is more suitable for cutting, as the laser produces a flame-polished edge along the cut lines. 

Several manufacturers also offer plastic sheets with two tones that, when laser engraved, expose another color or white core once the top layer is engraved away. Plastic and acrylic are two popular substrates for laser engraving and cutting, particularly in the signage realm.

—Amy Dallman, Epilog