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Try This: Laser Process a Custom Bouquet

David Stevens is the Industrial Applications Manager at Trotec Laser. 

Follow this tutorial to create a custom bouquet gift using engraving materials.

Materials required:

  • 1 sheet solid wood walnut
  • 1 sheet wood veneer maple
  • 1/4 sheet gloss green transparent glass*
  • 1/4 sheet clear glass*

*Note: TroGlass is used in this example.

Optional tools:

  • Hot air gun
  • Bench vice
  • Work gloves

Laser machine used: 

  • Speedy 400 flexx, 100 watt
  • 2" lens or 2.5" lens for TroGlass Clear 10mm
  • Vacuum with honeycomb laser cutting table or acrylic cutting grid

For this application sample, you can use any laser machine from the Speedy laser engraver series, or an equivalent from another manufacturer. 

Tip: Any leftover material can be used for the blossoms.

Step 1: The design

Create your own design or import our template. If required, you can adapt it to your requirements. Send the base plate job for laser cutting to the laser using the below driver settings.

Print settings:

(All images courtesy Trotec)

Step 2: Laser cutting the base plate

Put the clear glass on the acrylic cutting grid of your laser machine and insert the 2.5" lens. Then laser cut the base using the following settings. Parameters will vary depending on the laser machine used and its available laser power. 

Laser cutting parameters:

Step 3: Design the grass

Send the design for the grass to the laser using the below settings.

Print settings:

Step 4: Laser engraving and laser cutting the grass

The next step is to put the dark green transparent TroGlass onto the acrylic cutting grid of your laser machine. Use the 2" lens for this and all following tasks for this application. Laser engrave and cut the design with the following parameters, which will vary depending on laser machine and available power. 

Laser cutting and engraving parameters:

Tip: Select the bottom to top laser engraving process so that dust does not settle in the engraved areas.

Step 5: Design the stem

Send the design of the solid wood stem to the laser using the driver settings below.

Print settings:

Step 6: Laser cutting the stem

Change the acrylic cutting grid against the honeycomb cutting table and position the walnut sheet. Cover the rest of the engraving area with paper to maximize vacuum. Use the following parameters to cut the wood:

Tip: Covering the engraving area produces a vacuum, which is essential for a clean and consistent laser cut.

Step 7: Design the blossoms

Finally, send the design of the abstract blossoms to your laser.

Print settings:

Step 8: Laser process the blossoms

Put the maple veneer sheet into the laser, and carefully cover the rest of the engraving table with paper. Then cut the blossoms using the following parameters:

Tip: If you cut the entire sheet, focus on the middle of the material to compensate for any differences in thickness.

Step 9: Assembly

Put the stem into the base and decorate it with the blossoms. Depending on your design, you can combine large and small blossoms. Finally, position the grass into the base, and this inventive Mother’s Day bouquet is ready.

Handicraft tip: Twisted blades of grass are good for creating an eye-catching piece. To make these, position the blades of grass into a bench vice or another heat-resistant holder. Take a hot air gun and carefully heat the filigree grass, then deform and twist the hot acrylic.

Important: Wear gloves when working with hot acrylics to avoid burns. Hold the acrylic in place until it is cooled down. With a little practice, you can create impressive designs.