laser engraved cutting board

Try This: Laser Engraved Cutting Boards

Devon Posey is a graphic designer at Epilog Laser. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Harding University in Arkansas, Posey has been working in the graphic design field since graduation, and some of her top skills include web design, corporate branding, packaging design, photography, and creating eblasts. Posey focuses on web and print design, sample creations, and developing laserable ideas to help enable customer access.

Cutting boards are not only a versatile gift, they engrave easily. Whether it's a holiday gift, house warming present, or even a simple thank you gesture, engraving custom cutting boards with your laser is an easy way to expand your current product line and customization services.

Materials Needed

  • Cutting board (wood or bamboo)
  • Laser engraver
  • Graphic design software

Step One: design customization

Open the artwork files and customize as necessary. If you elect to include a recipe, scan it into your computer, import into your graphic design software, and perform any clean up or additional processing that may be necessary. We suggest hand-written recipes and encourage customers to supply their own.

Step Two: engraving

Insert the cutting board into the laser and send the job.

Step Three: display

We recommend displaying the engraved side for decoration only (no food/prep work.)

This product works perfectly for specialty gift shops, craft fairs, kitchenware stores, and more. 

—Devon Posey, Epilog Laser